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It’s impossible to make a mistake when using oracle cards because they operate within the infallible law of attraction. Oracle cards can be used by anyone who is looking for answers to a question or wants to make some sense or meaning from a situation.

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This oracle card deck features beautiful lunar phase illustrations, making it ideal for cancers, who are ruled by the moon.

How to use moon oracle cards. Every time of the oracle cards. Draw upon the power and energy of ancient sacred symbols, goddesses from around the world, the moon and more—all with the help of the best oracle cards and decks on. I would go so far to say they are more popular than other forms of cartomancy (card divination) such as tarot, lenormand or playing cards.

7 steps for using oracle cards to tap into your intuition. Over the years, the numerical theme has revealed itself. The moon oracle card deck is one of the best decks for beginners as it is linked to the energy and the beauty of the moon.

Originally published in 2000, it has been given a bit of a repolish and rebox and is now available to buy in a lovely silvery grey presentation box, from eddison books. When to use moon oracle cards. Wild moon oracle card deck.

A deep dive with ariel (the creator of this deck) narrating videos on each of the 39 archetypal cards in the deck, one archetype at a time. They’re based upon pythagorean numerology, which teaches that numbers and images all vibrate in a very precise, mathematical manner. If you enjoy this app, show us the love by sharing it with your friends.

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To create a strong relationship with your oracle cards, pichinson recommends first infusing them. Putting the two words back together, we can surmise that oracle cards are essentially pieces of paper through which the divine speaks. It’s very easy to use and absolutely easy to get their messages as, with some powerful affirmations and a combined lunar phase, you will have a deep insight into one of the aspects of your life.

Moonlight is a natural deep cleanser and is easily accessible to cleanse and charge your cards and even your crystals. There are a few lunar oracles about, but this reprint of the moon oracle by caroline smith and the late john astrop is well worth exploring. With playing cards, here's the designation for the face cards:

The moon oracle by caroline smith and john astrop is devoted to guidance based on the moon. Other readers do it on a daily basis and they don’t consider it as an eventful thing to do but as a daily practice to add to their readings. For many people, oracle cards are their 'gateway' form of divination;

It is the type of readings they discover first which leads to other forms of fortune telling. The word card can be traced back to the greek word, khartēs which literally means papyrus leaf.the modern equivalent of papyrus is paper… and so a card is essentially just a piece of shaped paper. Scroll to see more images.

Using oracle cards for divination is perhaps the most common use of them. The moon message is oracle cards based on the premise that you have all the answers within yourself, spiritual awakening that you can create your own path, and provides you with the awareness to. The deck is divided into three groups.

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Infuse the cards with your energy. The fool and the joker = 0. Submit share the love of oracle cards!

Leaving your deck of cards under the full moon and using the moonlight is a great way to cleanse your tarot or oracle cards and it is one of my personal favorite methods to use. You can do this with tarot cards as well. The 13 moon oracle cards.

Set a question in your mind, choose a card layout that would most appropriately address the question you have and then deal the cards. Oracle cards allow for a loser interpretation of a reading, in that. This moon themed deck comes with a guidebook and case, plus two descriptive cards and a blessing.

For example, the card to the right represents the air black moon. In the uk, oracle cards are huge. Some readers use moon oracle cards only during certain times, like a specific lunar phase such as the full moon, the new moon, or other special events.

It’s easy to use them in a similar way you would use the tarot.

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