The trick, which works with anything. Hot sauce will completely eliminate the foul taste of tequila with a little zing at the end.

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Tequila goes into shot glass.

How to take a tequila shot without lime. Prepare the salt by licking the part of your hand where your thumb meets your index finger (or pour a splash of water on it from your cup if you’re classy). Take a sip of tequila, savor it, then switch to the sangrita. While they look like mini watermelons, there’s actually no watermelon in the shots created by kirbie’s cravings.

Skip the salt and lime. The first thing you want to look for on the bottle is that it’s made from 100% agave. Chasers are usually a lemon or lime wedge.

“unless you're tasting a bunch of tequilas and want lime to cleanse your palate, i say no—and definitely never use salt,” adds steele. In mexico, only alcohol that’s made entirely from the blue weber agave plants. In a glass measuring cup, mix together orange juice, tomato juice, lime juice, hot sauce, salt, and pepper.

Lick the salt off of your hand first, drink the shot swiftly, and finish by sucking on a wedge of lime. Lick your hand (the back of it, by your thumb), dash some salt onto it, lick the salt, take the shot, bite the lime. On the second sip, hold your breath and let the tequila coast over your tongue, back and forth.

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“to shoot [bad tequila] is to shoot yourself,” wohlers says. “in mexico, tequila is kept in the fridge so it’s perfectly chilled when served and almost always enjoyed neat,” says bolivar. Prepare your shot and chaser.

Dip each shot glass in a shallow dish. Don julio is an upmarket tequila that, like most tequilas, comes from mexico. “i would highly not recommend it.”

The doctors back in the day use to recommend it to their patients, i'm just following orders. Fill the other half of the cucumber shot glasses with tequila. “when drinking tequila, i want to be able to experience the actual taste,” he says.

No lime or salt is necessary to mask the flavor. Blend until smooth and strain through a fine strainer into a bowl. Pour juice mixture into half of the cucumber shot glasses.

Perhaps because of too many faded memories of brutal, cheap tequila shots taken with a wedge of lime. So, next time you are sick with a cold and/or a sore throat, take a shot or two of tequila with a wedge of lime and salt and you’ll feel better soon. To drink tequila as the mexicans do keep it simple, sipping it neat sipping from a caballito.

Add the strained lime juice, a cup of cold water, the sugar and tequila into a pitcher and stir. This method is a hit at parties and with tourists in mexico, but it does contradict what tequila connoisseurs recommend—that you should savor the taste and aroma slowly when drinking straight tequila, particularly the good stuff. The mantra to remember is lick, shoot, suck:

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(don’t actually yell that last part, though.) Rather, tequila should be sipped thoughtfully. Keep in mind, the higher the quality, the more it is made for sipping, not shooting.

Whatever the case, give pure tequila a chance. Chase tequila shots with hot sauce instead of lime. It costs around $100 a bottle and is best enjoyed straight, unsullied by things such as salt, lime or other mixers.

Plus, it saves you from having to squish a lime with your mouth, which after a couple. If preferred, try dipping a wedge of lime in some salt and suck on it in between sips. It is smooth enough to drink from a shot glass without the typical salt and lime, and it can also be used in a variety of cocktails, such as margaritas.

The discovery has been doing the rounds on tiktok, with users finding that if they breathe out before and after swallowing the alcohol, they won't taste it. Lick the part of your hand where your thumb and pointing finger meet. Try the tequila again and see what new flavors and aromas you can identify.

Take a shot of tequila, then chase. Taste, and add more salt, pepper, or lime juice to taste. Or maybe because there are so many great mixed tequila drinks —.

Watermelon tequila jello shots fun fact:

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