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Keep in mind the following general rules for mule and blacktail deer points: Past this obvious antler size difference there are still a few thing to look out for specific to field judging each species of blacktail.

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You can judge the value of the tines with the quality of the back and front forks.

How to score a mule deer without brow tines. Include brow tines for whitetail deer. Again, note the smaller orange lines i have placed in the image to see where to start your measurements. The brow tines are g1 and as you move up the main beam you have g2, g3, etc.

Also, western counts for elk include the brow tines. A rack’s score is made up by tallying four types of measurements — three of the antlers and one of the inside spread between the two sides of the rack. If you count points on a whitetail buck’s antlers, you should consider adding brow tines in your points count.

The good thing about brow tines (the first points coming out of the main beam) is they correlate to heavier main beams, which correlate to solid 4×4+ racks. The three antler measurements include the length of each main beam, length of tines jutting up off the main beams, and four mass or circumference measurements on each side. How to score a deer using the buckmaster’s system buckmaster’s scoring system calls for firearms deer to meet 140 inches of their system’s standards to meet minimum requirements.

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When field judging mule deer, start towards the bottom and work your way up. However, if you are dealing with a mule or any other type of deer buck, it may not be necessary to include brow tines in your count. Near where the antler emerges from the head, it is common to see a brow tine, a small tine that protrudes straight up, and it is also treated as a point on mule deer the antlers are usually bifurcated (the tines come in forked pairs).

As a general rule, mule deer have short brow tines compared to whitetails. Make sure you are marking them correctly on the score sheet. However, abnormal points arising from the second tine, similar to the bifurcated branching of mule deer, are relatively common in mature whitetails, perhaps indicative of the close taxonomic relationship of the two species.

I’d been looking for a buck that the guide had seen earlier in the day, and we were climbing a ridge to glass. Lay the tape along the outer curve of the beam so that the top edge of the. I'm thinking this buck is mid 130s, but i'm not great at judging deer.

Ignoring the back two abnormal points, this deer is going to score around 185″+ and is clearly a mature mulie. A typical deer has a symmetrical rack, meaning the orientation, the number of points, the direction of tines, and the overall layout of each antler is a mirror image of the other. Before we move on, let’s talk about brow tines.

With the thinner and lighter rack i'm guessing he's a younger deer. Current original score chart, signed and. It's actually a goal i've had for a long time.

I'm not sure i've ever seen one without brow tines, unlike mule deer where its not uncommon for them to just be nubs. March 4, 2011 at 5:33 pm #101644. The autumn air is crisp in the high country, and mule deer seasons across the west are about to open.

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Archery harvest must score 105 by their scoring system. Burr tines or “beauty points” (points arising from or near the antler burr) are always abnormal. Mule deer are normally more typical at about 70%.

Next look at the depth of the back. Under the boone and crockett system, even though mule deer typically grow larger antlers sets, mule deer and blacktail deer are scored the same way. However this is how to score a deer by methods of boone and crockett and pope and young.

The last one was a buck that scored in the 180’s with almost 16″ in brow tines. Denny austad 4×4 typical mule deer; A good buck will usually (but not always) have 4 inch or longer brow tines.

After establishing the tine length, you should measure the depth of your mule deer back forks. Normal points are the brow tines and the upper and lower forks as shown in the illustration. Magic is in the air, and big mule deer bucks on our minds.

I know where i hunt in mn, the last couple years the brow tines have been more evident on bucks harvested. As to why the brow tine is included in eastern counts, unlike mule deer, a mature whitetail almost always has good brow tines (3+ inches, not uncommon to be 6+ inches). Split or multiple brow tines mean that only one of these can be measured as the normal brow point.

They are measured from nearest edge of main beam over outer curve to tip. 209 7/8 rich county, utah; Of the two species, in some locals, the columbia blacktail can grow antlers comparable in.

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Typical mule deer and blacktail deer abnormal points. So, the goal for a mature mule deer, net p&y, was set. For entry into south carolina's antler records program, the minimum required score is 125 net for typical racks.

Mule deer racks are generally described in a side x side format, for example 4×4 for a deer with 4 tines on. He has solid front forks, but is a 3 +brow tine on one side.

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