How To Move A Safe Down Stairs


Ok guys, any ideas on how to move a 700 pound gun safe down the bulkhead (6 steps,concrete) and into the basement. Now you are ready to transport the safe to the next secure place.

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Secure the safe onto the dolly.

How to move a safe down stairs. Prepare the safe for moving. Cut hole in floor around safe.there are several ways you can move a gun safe fast with the least damage and risk of any injuries.when you want to move the safe down the stair or taking up through the stair, take wheel tool to move the safe. Protect the floors and the walls.

4)while safe is going down noone is in its way. Please note that it is the mover’s discretion to make a professional analysis of your move. As a gun safe can be bulky object, attempting to lift one can easily lead to back injury, leg or arm injuries if you try to move it on your own, especially if you want it.

You have to bring all the materials out before moving them around. A gun safe holds various items along with the gun. How to move a heavy safe:

Safety tips for moving a gun safe How to move a heavy object down the stairs. Depending on the exact location of your safe in your home, your will need to wheel out your metal storage container either downstairs or upstairs.

The way i did it was to remove the interior shelves/felt, remove the drywall that is used as a firebarrier, then take off as much as you can off of the door (drywall,. 5)get 2 50,000lb cargo straps. Your best bet is to have a professional safe mover do the job for you.

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You will get the actual answer by noticing the following steps. Getting it down the stairs is easy. If you are asking about a gun safe, i have moved mine down the stairs by myself.

Move a 1000 lb gun safe with 10 years experience in moving and relocating safes up and down stairs, call the company with all the equipment and experience necessary. A gun safe holds various items along with the gun. Alternatively, buying or renting a stair climbing dolly will help significantly in moving your safe upstairs or downstairs.

Even though our boilers are low mass, it's looks like a low risk way to stay safe and productive for both installing and removing. After grabbing those techniques, you could move your safe at ease. How to move a gun safe down stairs.

#1 remove anchor bolts & lock the door. Moving a gun safe upstairs or downstairs. Work out your safe exit strategy.

But when you need to go up a flight of stairs to the second floor of your home, the move becomes even more difficult and dangerous. With 10 years experience in moving and relocating safes up and down stairs, call the company with all the equipment and experience necessary. When moving a safe upstairs, one helper should guide the safely wrapped safe while 2 other assistants lift up the dolly one small step at a time.

#1 prepare for the move. #2 attach the safe on your dolly. How to move a safe down stairs.

We are only equipped to move safes that weigh up to 600 lbs. Navigate around corners and stairs with utmost caution. How to move a safe upstairs or downstairs?

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To move a gun safe down stairs, you’ll have to use a dolly and use moving blankets.truck to load it on;use pieces of rope or supporting straps to strap down the safe to the dolly.when inside the truck, tilt the dolly back into position, ease it down very slowly and carefully until it is flat on the floor. How to move a gun safe down stairs the first step is to get some people to help. Hook them to the bottom of the dolly.

How to move a gun safe down stairs? Without a doubt, the hardest and most dangerous part will be to move the safe downstairs when moving out of the old location or upstairs when moving into the new residence. Moving a gun safe up or down the stairs is an even trickier feat, but with the right equipment and planning, you can make it work.

Not a gun safe but i had to move a very heavy treadmill down stairs. Tilt the gun safe while the other person slides the dolly underneath the safe. Start at the top of the stairs with one person holding onto the.

Specialist lifting solutions have a team dedicated to stairclimbing safes and fireproof cabinets etc, where access is limited and stairs are the only option. #2 attach the safe on your dolly. This can be three or four of your friends or pay some people in the neighborhood to help.

Need to move your safe up or down stairs ? If moving the safe downstairs, have at least three of your friends guide the wheels of the dolly while slowly easing it down the stairs. Everyone stays on the up side of the safe.

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Having to navigate a few steps before reaching your front door adds to the challenge. Getting your gun safe into your home is challenging even when you know how to move a safe. They were carpeted so it worked well.

6) you hold dolly, lay it down at top of stairs, wheels first, each man is holding the cargo straps. Get the right moving equipment. Move a 1000 lb gun safealways bend at the knees rather than the waist and squat down for the initial lift.

To move a gun safe down stairs, you’ll have to use a dolly and use moving blankets.

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