The numbers of people needed to move your piano will depend on its weight (and as any piano owner will know, they are really heavy) and the route it’ll need to take to get loaded into the van. How much does piano removal cost in the uk?

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Piano's travelling less than 100 miles can normally cost around £3.11 per mile, for piano relocation over 500 miles prices hover around £0.69 per mile, this is.

How much to move a piano uk. The best way to find a piano mover is to do a google search for “piano movers” in your area. Prices for piano moving can range from $100 to $1000. Cost to move piano by distance.

How much do movers cost? The distance of the move must also be taken into consideration and factored into the cost. Cost to move a piano across town vs.

On average, hiring professional movers for a local move will cost from $300 to $1,500 depending on the size of the move. [email protected] or call 01327 300 016 questions and comments “i am looking to hire a piano” i am an adult beginner but can not really decide between the digital or acoustic. For more information on how much a piano move would cost, or to learn more about their piano or organ moving services, please contact your local franchise!

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In fact, if you do have an unbelievably heavy piano, you can make use of their freight services that deliver items weighing 150lbs or more. A local move will likely cost between $150 and $600 usd, depending on the size of the piano and the complexity of the move. They can weigh over 600 kg and prices for new ones often start at over £10,000.

I would appreciate any advice you give in regard to this. So, you could spend anywhere from $250 to $2500 to move your piano. We’re happy to offer piano moving services at select franchise locations, but due to each franchise being independently owned and operated, pricing may vary.

Massive range covering most major brands. Finally, roll the piano to. 13 may 2010 at 2:20pm.

Ukpianos sells and rents (rent to buy) uprights, grands, digital pianos, new and secondhand. The largest piano, simply do not try and move one of these if you aren’t a professional. If you are planning to move to any australian destination, including melbourne, canberra, brisbane, adelaide, townsville, newcastle, darwin, sydney and perth, we can help you move your upright piano, grand piano or electric piano with ease.

The most common project when moving a piano is to move it from one house to a different one in the same town or to a different state or city, which has an average cost of $1, of the things that most affects the cost to move a piano is the distance it needs to be moved. Moving a piano depends on various factors such as the type (upright or grand piano), how many flights of stairs need to be navigated and urgency of the move. Fedex has a maximum weight limit of around 150 lbs.

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Prices depend on the type of piano you have and its weight and size. I recently had a piano moved from wirral to liverpool (probably about 10 miles but under mersey tunnel & there would be tunnel fees) for £60 by a specialist piano moving company. Before you get started, cover up the piano with moving blankets to protect it from damage.

Naturally, the delivery fees will increase with the distance it needs to travel due to the time spent and fuel costs. Below are some indicative prices for moves from london, including to oxford (around 50 miles), birmingham (125 miles) and manchester (200 miles). Some will move a piano for a flat fee, while others will base the cost to move a piano on its weight.

They can weigh over 600 kg and prices for new ones often start at over £10,000. To move an upright piano, you'll need at least 4 people to help you since pianos can weigh anywhere from 300 to 900 pounds. Piano removals costs depend upon the service you choose, the type of piano, any specific care instructions, and the distance you're moving.

We have a large network of professional movers and couriers who we trust to. There is much online regarding touch and feel of an acoustic. What’s on the uk pianos website?

Delivery is free anywhere in the uk I’ve assumed you have a regular digital piano with a case. Since most keyboards don’t hit triple digits in weight, you’re good to go.

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